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Why IndianTrio?

Good question! Yes, there are thousands of websites that deal with properties. Then, why do we need more? is the results of years of market study, research and investment. The goal is to bring a world-class website and customer service operation under one roof to Indian customers.  will give ordinary Indians global visibility for their products.  The products could be anything: Real Estate, Vehicles, Electronics, and Toys and just about anything you can imagine.  Our target is the individual or small business owner in India. will be extremely owner and agent friendly. The web application that we have designed is like nothing else on the internet and has been crafted with just one goal: Attract buyers and get your product, real estate or automobile sold as fast and with as few problems as possible. We are targeting buyers in the US, Middle East, India and Europe and we will be heavily marketing to them. We are confident that once a buyer visits our web site, they will be hooked on to it.

Explain the rewards program?

Our core is based one agenda. That is, to create an environment where everybody wins. This will be another factor that will differentiate us from rest of the crowd. Our patent pending rewards program will ensure that anybody could make a continuous stream of income by utilizing our website. The details of the rewards program will be made available once the promotion period is over. So, keep visiting the site often for update!

What payment methods are available?

You can pay by credit/debit card or by using a Paypal account. Another option is to make payment on behalf of Indiantrio in any ICICI bank branch. You can use that payment reference number to purchase a package on our site.

Listed, but not appearing?

Our goal is to make sure that we present the best to our customers. So, after you purchase a product, we will make sure that it meets the quality criteria set   by the company. Once this check is done, we will approve the order and send you an email approving it as well.

How to contact us?

Please use IndianTrio website 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to place orders. Please Click Here to use our online ordering system. Customer Service Representatives are available to help you Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 6 PM, Saturdays 9 AM until 5 PM and Sundays 10 AM until 4 PM (Indian Time). Feel free to leave a message outside of these time and we will try our best to get back to you address your questions.

India  IndianTrio
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